Farmer's Markets and Gardens Galore

The vision of Growing Great Schools is to empower students and their families to become active participants in their nutritional and physical health, while caring for the planet.  We aim to live in a world that is free of food insecurity by creating opportunities for families to connect to sustainable food sources.

Growing Great Schools seeks to ensure that all students have access to local, healthy food, and food education, sustainable gardening, and physical activity.   We emphasize the connections between food, physical literacy and social/emotional wellness as a part of thriving community.

Our goal is Gardens in every public school with the goal of growing food and incorporating the garden into the science and math curriculum and school meals program.

Key Messages

  • Childhood obesity has become a public health crisis. GGS strives to reverse the trend and give our children a healthier future.
  • We need better-local food in school cafeterias
    • Studies have shown that by improving the quality of the food our children eat we can have a direct impact on ADD/ADHD, diabetes, and childhood cancer.
    • The closer kids are to their food sources the healthier they are
  • What kids eat at school matters
    • A study done by Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and the CDC of a school in New York showed that 80% of the children and or parents changed the way they cooked, ate or shopped because of the school’s food program.
  • Kids need to move:
    • studies show that between the ages 9 and 15, physical activity among American kids dropped by 75 percent.  The results are unprecedented levels of emotional and physical health disorders, and lower academic achievement, lower earnings potential and decreased productivity.
  • We must start now and we must reach kids early-
    • focusing on children before the age of 10 could change the trajectory for the next generation
  • Salad Bars & School gardens help children eat healthier and understand where food comes from
  • Kids need to eat breakfast-breakfast in school improves attention, academic performance, and overall test scores.