Physical Literacy

Growing Great Schools has devised a solution to the crippling effects of childhood obesity. Working in partnership with national physical literacy experts at 2-4-1 Sports, along with UCONN Husky Sport, & the UCONN Department of Kinesiology, we have created the P.L.U.S.S. Club™. The P.L.U.S.S. (Physical Literacy Using Sports Sampling) Club™ Program is designed to create a culture of wellness by teaching and implementing Physical Literacy concepts such as: Food as Fuel, Sport as Play. Nutrition, physical activity and weight management are the objectives of this approach that brings physical activity into the classroom and provides children with a safe environment to acquire physical literacy skills. This project is significant because it utilizes a classroom based & before/after-school intervention to provide children with additional opportunities to understand nutrition and be physically active while promoting physical literacy.

A program designed to get kids and communities growing & cooking their own food while developing “the ability, confidence, and desire to be active for life.”, The P.L.U.S.S. Club™ takes a comprehensive approach by involving all community stakeholders and offering kids the opportunity to move throughout the day in the form of BrainErgizers™.

Before & After School programming includes one day of STEAM gardening programming, one day of science-based cooking lessons, and 2 days of sports sampling centered physical activity designed to bring the fun back into sports.

BrainErgizers™ (sport-centric brain breaks developed in partnership with 2-4-1 Sports and UCONN to emphasize fundamental movement skills)

P.L.U.S.S. Club™
getPLAYing™:Children take part in this sport-sampling club. It is a six-week, twelve session program that is designed to introduce kids to physical literacy’s fundamental movement skills using the sports of that season.
getCOOKing™: GGS’ getCOOKing! classes will give kids hands-on opportunities to feel, taste and experience healthy, local food in action. At the end of the six-week session, students and their families will understand the physical, social, and emotional benefits of healthy food and its role in caring for the environment. There will also be an emphasis on supporting the local food system through farmers’ markets and CSAs.
getGROWing™: Planting and tending a school/community garden with emphasis on the science, math, and social/emotional benefits of gardening.
Physical Literacy Training - Multiple 2 hour workshops offered for program heads, administrators, coaches, parents and teachers & staff members intended to get all stakeholders invested in becoming a P.L.U.S.S. Club™ community.
Consultation and analysis of existing programs to look for opportunities to infuse Physical Literacy initiatives.
School/program-wide wellness symposium where community members are invited to celebrate the steps towards a culture of wellness with a core understanding in physical literacy culture.

2-4-1 Sports
The mission of 2-4-1 Sports is rooted in physical literacy as we believe that every child should have the ability, confidence and desire 2- be active 4- 1 extraordinary life. The outcome of our life’s 2 short 4 just 1 sport™ philosophy is a positive impact on the social, emotional and physical health of young people. We focus on putting active back into all aspects of life. At 2-4-1, we take a sports sampling approach that reimagines youth sports by incorporating fun thereby leading to less burnout, better performance and more lifelong enjoyment of sport. Recognizing the value of universal access to nutrition, mindfulness and play, we are a fully inclusive organization that believes all people should be active – and have fun doing it.

For more information on Physical Literacy and/or P.L.U.S.S. programming please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.