Keeping children physically active provides innumerable benefits, including reducing the $150­-$200 billion direct medical and reduced productivity costs associated with obesity and diabetes in adults.

  1. Less than half of elementary school aged students are meeting physical activity guidelines each day, contributing to a rise in obesity rates, chronic disease sequelae, and a culture of inactivity. Physical literacy is the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life.
  2. The ability to be active, or competency in fundamental movement skills (FMS)(e.g. running, hopping, jumping, balancing), is positively associated with increased physical activity levels and inversely associated with weight status in children.
  3. However, vast numbers of children lack this competency upon entering adolescence, which greatly hinders their future abilities to be physically active. This problem is exacerbated in low socio­economic status communities where schools are less likely to offer recess, physical education (PE) classes go unfunded and there is a lack of access to safe, appropriate activity spaces. There is, therefore, a critical need to develop a sustainable, low­cost strategy that can effectively improve physical literacy in children to promote a lifetime of physical activity and wellness. Failing to address physical literacy in children impedes the efforts of other physical activity promotion and obesity­prevention initiatives.

Our long­term goal is to develop efficient and effective strategies to promote safe physical activity participation in children to reduce the burden of long­term health consequences associated with sedentary lifestyles. In order to do this Growing Great Schools has worked in collaboration with 2-4-1 Sports and UCONN Husky Sport to develop BrainErgizersTM .  BrainErgizersTM delivered electronically daily will improve physical literacy and wellness by promoting physical activity participation. In addition, we have created the P.L.U.S.STM program. (Physical Literacy Using Sports Sampling). Designed to be implemented before or after school the P.L.U.S.S.TM club affords kids the opportunity to develop the ability, confidence, and desire to be active for life by introducing them to a wide variety of sports and cooking in a fun and comfortable setting

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